Why Does a Lean Printing Environment Matter To Your Business?

We all work every day at making our businesses leaner and more efficient.  And, we generally focus on our prime processes to reduce our costs to the minimum!  After wringing as much as we can out of our vendors for direct costs, we then look to related costs and utilize the same methods to reduce those costs.

Most businesses utilize traditional, competitive methods to source the goods and services we need to run our operations.  And, our continual efforts to buy at ever lower prices often yield some reduced cost benefits.

Many of us have also seen the result of pressing on a vendor in order to achieve a lower price and receiving reduced quality of experience.  Look at the size of a Quarter-Pounder these days.  Aside from any nutritional considerations, the vendor, in an effort to hold or reduce costs, has reduced the size and quality of the product we had come to expect and enjoy.  At some point we discover how “less” affects our experience!

But, is continually pounding on vendors in an effort to obtain a lower price from them the most effective way to achieve a lean operation?  At SPS we think we have devised a better way, and that is what we provide to our clients.

We have found that more can be achieved by collaborating rather than competing.  And, competition takes place not only between rival vendors offering similar deliverables to a common prospect!  Yes, in traditional, transactional purchasing methods the buyer and seller actually compete to achieve the maximized advantage for themselves.  This is the traditional zero-sum game that transactional sales and purchasing play in all sourcing.  And there is a better way!

Imagine actually utilizing the expertise and specialized knowledge a particular resource can bring to your business to help you reduce your costs to an optimized level.  Creating a level of collaboration that is transparent and that allows everyone to achieve their goals and prosper simultaneously.  By doing so while demonstrating that a new way to provide the client with a support function can deliver the lowest cost and the highest level of experience all at the same time.

While this may seem too good to be true, dozens of companies in the Corridor have discovered it to be true, indeed!

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