If you have ever looked closely at the colors in the SPS logo, you will notice that the design features prominent use of the colors green and blue.  And the letter font is lean and fast looking.  This isn’t just by chance!

All of our SPS Team Members have earned certification as Green Business Consultants.  They have completed a curriculum of study from a national educational institution and passed a difficult test at pre-specified levels to earn this certification.  As we examine our own business infrastructure for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint, we will also be examining all of our programs and deliverables for our clients to consistently be looking for ways to recycle, reuse or renew materials and energy that would otherwise be wasted.  This ensures that everything we do at SPS maximizes the value of the green programming that we provide to our clients.

Our whole team is earning certification as Lean Business Consultants.  They are pursuing a rigorous curriculum and testing program leading to certification.  As each SPS Team Member completes their certification they are being placed into a Lean Team that is tasked with reviewing all of SPS’s business processes and identifying any waste so we can reduce or eliminate it from our business.  We bring this same perspective into your business through our managed services programs.  We are constantly evaluating and adjusting our methods and component products to minimize waste in the office printing platform in your business, resulting in long term, sustainable cost controls for you.

SPS is also a Blue Work Zone.  Blue Work Zones are dedicated to creating and sustaining healthier, happier places to work by engaging individuals in knowledge and use of healthy practices and services.  By having SPS Leadership engage in an active effort to promote a healthy workplace environment, healthy social networks and healthy business policies, we exhort our Team Members to pursue a healthier, happier work, home and social life.  This philosophy is brought to our clients by our SPS Team Members who are engaged, positive, helpful and energetic in providing you with our managed services programs.  We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and our Blue Work Zone initiative drives our SPS Team Members to be at their very best every time they see you!

SPS leadership is pursuing a Green Belt Six Sigma certification.  Six Sigma is focused on process improvement, and we are dedicated to continually improving our managed services processes.  Perhaps the real value in attaining this certification is that we will have knowledge and tools that will allow us to come along side of your businesses lean or six sigma program and be able to help your internal teams improve by improving your office printing environment.  This can all be accomplished from a common platform, reducing waste, and reducing costs for all.

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