We started in business by offering high quality re-manufactured toner cartridges to the Cedar Rapids / Iowa City technology corridor. Our philosophy has always been to take superior care of our clients – better care than anyone else can provide. It has served us well as our business has grown continually over the years.

Being a market driven company, we have always expanded our business offerings in response to requests from our clients – rather than taking a particular product and driving it at the market. As our cartridge business expanded, we continued to get requests to provide service repairs on our client’s copy machines, along with requests needing to buy new machines. So, we expanded into the sale and service of all types of office equipment.

Over the years as our business has grown, we have always worked to listen closely and be responsive to our client’s needs. One request that we continually received was for a solution that placed updating technology, service, support and maintenance of all printing devices under one comprehensive management program.  In 2004, our dedication to our client’s need of this unique solution led to the creation of our Managed Cost Program.

In 2014, listening to our clients as we’ve always done, we started getting requests here and there for small print jobs.  A light-bulb went off in our heads that led us to building and developing a one of a kind outsourced print shop which we now know as PrintNOW!

Listening to our clients and helping them find a better way to manage their print cost center is written in our history and drives our future.