What you can’t see can tickle you so hard it hurts!

I recently had an opportunity to spend some quality time with the three year old grandson of one of our friends.   And I took great delight in watching his performance as we played a bit of peek-a-boo.   When I caught him, I would tickle him till he squealed.

He would dodge around furniture and around corners in the house.  And many times when I caught him out in the open, he would crouch down and cover his eyes with his hands.  He would then loudly state, “can’t see me!”  I would laugh and explain that I could indeed see him.  He would then look at me with a very pointed stare and exclaim, “no, when I do this (he would then crouch down and cover his eyes), you can’t see me, so you can’t tickle me!”

Well, there is just no arguing with logic like that!  We had a marvelous time together that evening.

Later, as I thought about his antics it occurred to me that many business executives we speak with have taken much the same position when it comes to the cost center of printed page production.   Since they have to visibility into this cost center, they are assuming that it can’t hurt them.   The trouble is that since they can’t see what is actually happening, they have very little control over the growth of these costs going forward.  They have little or no actual data on the cost of placing print on page and thusly no controls!

We have helped dozens of businesses achieve complete visibility into this cost center and then bring it under a strong set of management controls.   These customers now know that they have implemented structure and influence directly over this cost center and they are in complete control of it.   Once we gain visibility we can quantify it.  If we can quantify it we can predict it.  When we can predict it we can control it!  We deliver a quantified, predictable, controllable outcome in this cost center!

We can help you do so, too!

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